Costs of Repairs

Repairs, found by your inspector, will likely vary widely.  Cost vary depending on time of year, location and neighbhorhoods.

Costs also vary due to non-visual damage can be found once the contractor has begun to affect repairs.

One other caution, as much as it is sad to say, there are unscrupulous contractors who return estimates with un-needed or unwarranted work attached.  More than one bid, from reputable contractors is recommended.

You are cautioned that estimates vary widely there is no substitute for actual bids for a contract who is willing to perform the repairs properly.

Choose contractors wisely.  It is a conflict of interest for inspectors to make any recommendations and we suggest getting bids from at least three different companies.

As with anything, there is usually a reason a company charges significantly less than others.  Companies that have been in business and have a good reputation generally tend to cost a bit more.